Create an Endless Variety of Looks with Concrete Staining

If you are looking for a unique, sleek, and affordable way to transform your outdoor patio or indoor concrete floor, there is no better option than concrete staining in Austin, TX. With this technique, concrete can be custom treated for a unique look to custom fit your home. Because of environmental factors, lighting conditions, and the age, texture, and porosity of the concrete, no two stained surfaces will look the same. Depending on the materials used, concrete staining can create surfaces that look like wood, leather, marble, and stone – and all this at a fraction of the cost of those materials!

There are many colors and techniques available with concrete staining in Austin, TX that will result in a wide variety of looks. There are two types of stains – acid based and water based acrylic. Acid based stains have a limited color palate of eight hues and are mainly limited to earth tones, including terra cotta, blue-greens, tans, and browns. However, you can create more colors by mixing the stains or applying one color on top of another. You can also achieve a richer hue by applying two coats of the same color. Water based acrylic stains come in a larger range of colors, including black, white, primary colors, jewel tones, and even metallic.

Though there is a broad color choice, there is an even greater choice of techniques with concrete staining in Austin, TX. In fact, with this decorative technique, the sky’s the limit. For years, a simple, one-color single coat was the norm for concrete staining, and it still creates a lovely uniform look especially for outdoor surfaces or garage floors. Concrete staining contractors can also create a mottled look with one color, spraying the stain more heavily than normal and letting it pool up in spots. Another technique is to create a mottled look with multiple colors, spraying several stains of similar hues and blending them with water. You can also use multiple colors to create a layered look. This works best with divergent hues, since it allows the colors to come out more clearly and creates a look much like marble or stone. It is also possible to create a leather look, staining cracks in the concrete with a darker hue, and then spraying the whole surface with a lighter color before treating the concrete with a color in between. Experienced contractors can also use stencils to create artistic patterns, much like inlaid marble or stone.

These options for color and technique can be applied to an endless variety of surfaces. Concrete staining in Austin, TX is not just for floors and patios. For a unique and affordable decorative treatment, consider applying concrete staining to countertops, fireplaces, interior and exterior walls, sinks and tubs, and even architectural features. Essentially, if a surface is made of concrete, your options for concrete staining in Austin, TX are endless.

MB Contracting Services offers a variety of home improvement and remodeling services including concrete staining in Austin, TX. We offer almost any major or minor contracting services you may need from flooring, roofing, and irrigation to window cleaning, holiday lighting, and tree trimming. For more information or to request a quote,  visit our website.

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