Creating Space with Kitchen Cabinets

Nov 09, 18 Creating Space with Kitchen Cabinets

Kitchen cabinets provide storage space in addition to a visual aesthetic. Use cabinets to organize both your kitchen and your life. Take advantage of the many ways to upgrade your cabinetry to tap into their full organizing functionality. When upgrading your Kitchen cabinets in Stuart, Florida, The Kitchen Store can assist in designing and installing your dream kitchen.


Doors are not just for opening and closing. Add a shelving system to the inner door panel to create more storage space. Place your most used items on the door shelves to save time searching for your favorite snack or utensil. You will no longer need to cram, stack, and bury items in the back of cabinets and in dresser drawers. The Kitchen Store can install the Super Cabinet brand to utilize cabinet doors to add additional shelving space.
No one likes knocking over spices and seasoning while attempting to get them out of a crowded cabinet. Add a door-mounted spice rack for ease of access to seasonings and spices. Upgrade cabinet doors with shelving to make cooking preparation easier and less timely.

Lastly, your cabinet doors can be used to organize your thoughts. Use doors to create a messaging center for yourself and family members. Add a dry erase decal to the inner or outer panel to jot down grocery lists, quick notes, or important dates.

Hidden Cabinets

Hidden cabinets, or under-cabinet, drawers create additional space for items that you may not necessarily want visible to all guests. Additional space helps combat clutter and overcrowding. Elect to install toe-kick, hidden cabinets to base cabinetry for easy access for little hands. Keep the cleaning supplies secured in elevated or locked spaces and use the toe-kick cabinets to store art supplies to keep younger family members busy while your are prepping and cooking.

When remodeling your kitchen, take into consideration how much storage space you want. You are not confined by the original storage space. Increasing storage space provides more organization for food preparation, scheduling, and household items. Contact Jay’s Floors and More, Inc to help navigate your options and organize your thoughts for Kitchen cabinets in Stuart, Florida. Whether it is a full-blown kitchen remodel or storage additions, have the kitchen that best fits the needs for your family and life.

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