Customize Your Move in LA With the Right Crating

by | Jul 14, 2014 | Moving

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When moving your valuable art or furnishings, the simple way to do it is by getting a van, putting everything inside, and driving off. This technique, however, can prove to be time consuming and damaging to your property. The best way to move anything is by making sure all your items have been taken care of with their specific measurements and weight in mind. The only way to achieve this is by fully customizing all moving materials beforehand. This job is not a simple one though. It takes skills and experience that you, unless involved in the industry, simply don’t have. So where from here then? Your next task if to find a shipment provider who are experts in custom crating in Los Angeles.

This task may seem simple, but be warned: there are many of a company out there offering custom crating for your possessions. The trick is to know what demonstrates quality custom cratting, and how to tell.

Firstly, What is Custom Crating?

Custom crating is the act in which professional shipment providers customize the packing for your valuables. They will create expertly made crates and strong boxes using quality grade woods and metals. These crates and strong boxes will be made exactly to the measurements of your items to make sure they fit perfectly into their container, leaving little room for any movement inside the crate.

How to Tell Good Quality Crating?

Custom crating in Los Angeles has become an art due to the actual art industry’s size. A good shipment company will have regular dealings with museums and auction houses, giving them the opportunity to constantly perfect their skills. But how do you really tell your custom crafted crates are top quality? Check for the following things:

Disaster Proof– When having your crate or strong boxes crafted, make sure they are fire, smoke, shock and water proof before ordering. These four hazards can make light work of any piece of art or furnishings. Ask your supplier if they make sure of these things, if not go to another supplier. A reputable one would have these as standard custom crating.

Wood Quality– When organizing custom crating, ask about the wood quality. Heat-treated top quality hardwood is generally used in the industry, making sure of no possibility of wood rot or cracks. Again, consult your dealer if you’re not sure how to find this out.

Size– The size of the packaging is always important, as this will determine how it is moved. Make sure it has been made to your objects specific measurements and has the right protective packing inside, making sure of no harsh movements within the crate. Inspect it yourself or ask the consultant before. A good shipper will understand the importance of the size of the crate and should help you find what fits your needs best.

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