Dangerous Driving Habits You Might Not Know You Have

Dangerous driving is the number one cause of accidents. Dangerous or careless driving habits can sneak up on you and you might not even realize you are driving in a manner that can lead to an accident. Here are a few things to avoid to stay safe:

* Cell Phones: If you are chatting away on your cell phone chances are you are not focused on the road. Be certain that you have a hands free phone option if you must speak on the phone and try to avoid long conversations. The less you chat the more focused you will remain on the road. Never text in your car unless you are parked. Texting is never safe even when you are stopped at a light.

* Car Maintenance: If you ignore the need for the Brake Repair Louisville, KY drivers need you are putting yourself and others in danger. Imagine the consequences of not being able to stop should a child step in front of your car or a car stops without warning in front of you. Drive smart in a car that is working properly.

* Anger: Road rage is a dangerous habit. If you find you get angry when you are cut off or someone is driving too slowly in front of you consider finding ways to calm yourself. If you chase after someone you feel has done you wrong, scream, swear and shout at other drivers or make violent gestures you are a very dangerous driver and need to find a way to deal with your anger.

* Makeup: Driving while putting on makeup is another dangerous driving habit. No matter how hot a date you have waiting, put your makeup on before you get in the car, or at least before you start your car and head out on the road.

* DUI: Drinking and driving is never acceptable. If you think it is fine because you haven’t been caught think again. It is just a matter of time before you get caught, or worse you kill or seriously harm someone. Never get behind the wheel when you have been drinking.

Following the rules of the road should always be your number one priority when driving.

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