Dangerous Types Of DIY Electric Repair Dallas

Even if you presume that a certain type of electrical repair will be easy to do, you should call a certified electrician due to the danger your inexperience can cause. Without the proper knowledge and training, you can make mistakes that can cause a house fire or even worse a horrible injury. The following are a few types of Electric Repair Dallas jobs that require professional assistance.

Installing New Plugs or Switches

This may seem like a fairly easy repair for you to do, but if done incorrectly it can lead to a disaster. If you hear your switches buzz when you turn them on, then you definitely need to replace them due to the faulty wiring. If you try to repair this yourself, you may be electrocuted if you touch the wire incorrectly or make it arc by touching the wires together. If your outlets are sparking or are the old style two prong outlets, you need to call certified electrician to complete the repairs. There are building codes in place that deem the two prong outlets as unsafe and a hazard, so you should have them replaced immediately to prevent an accident from occurring.

Light Fixtures

Although taking a lighting fixture down is fairly easy, the wiring behind the fixture is where the complexity begins. The complexity can be heightened if you are dealing with old aluminum wiring, which is not color coated so it will be hard to tell which is ground and which is your hot wire. The old wiring could also have bare spots, which can lead to arcing and possibly electrocution if you are inexperienced in Electric Repair Dallas. If the lights you are going to replace are recessed or on the outside of your home, you definitely need to call a professional because these areas have a greater degree of danger associated with their installation.

If you find yourself in need of a knowledgeable electrician, you should call the staff at First Call Electric. They are more than capable to help you with a variety of electrical repairs. Call them today and schedule a consultation where they can estimate the cost of your repairs.

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