Dealing With The Warranties Of Certified Used Cars For Sale in Kenosha, WI

It’s a fact that most certified used cars are more affordable and cost less than new vehicles. This fact is what often drives buyers to dealerships with certified pre-owned vehicles. You could end up paying several thousands of dollars less for a certified used car compared to a new car of the same make and model. That being said, it’s still important to take your time and do your research before you purchase anything.

One of the first things you’ll want to do is check out the details of the warranty. In addition to the affordable price tag, the main reason you chose a “certified” used car is because of the advantages the warranty provides. Used cars without manufacturer backed warranties typically only have short-term warranties provided by the local dealership. These short-term loans are only good for 30-90 days, and don’t provide you with the service options you need. The certified used cars for sale in Kenosha, WI with warranties backed by the manufacturer provide more security. Manufacturers have nationwide locations where your car can be serviced.

Aside from whether or not the warranty is backed by the manufacturer or local dealership, buyers have to worry about what exactly the warranty covers. Most pre-owned cars come with powertrain warranties. A powertrain warranty often covers parts and labor associated with things like the transmission, differential, axles, and so forth. Because of the limitations, many drivers opt for bumper-to-bumper coverage, which is complete coverage. However, bumper-to-bumper coverage often needs to be purchased separately.

Warranties come with time limits as well. How much time does the warranty have on your pre-owned vehicle? The certified used cars for sale in Kenosha, WI may have warranties that last for two month or two years. A warranty might also depend on the mileage of the vehicle. After the vehicle surpasses a certain mileage point the warranty will expire.

All of the this information may not seem very important, but it’s definitely something you should pay attention to. As a buyer, you’re paying thousands of dollars for your certified pre-owned vehicle. It’s important to know what you’re getting and what your options are before handing over the cash.

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