Dealing With Your Injuries With A Workers Compensation Attorney in Minneapolis

A Workers Compensation Attorney in Minneapolis can be used for a number of reasons during the claims process. Claims are often denied and paperwork needs to be re-applied. Attorneys are also called on when employees and employers have questions about workers compensation and the steps that need to be taken in order to handle the difficult situation. The following will hopefully answer a few of the most common questions employees have about workers compensation.

When should you bring your injuries to your employer’s attention?
The short answer to this question is immediately. The sooner you report an accident to your employer the easier it’ll be to get your claim accepted. Often times, workers will become injured on the job and will wait months before they file a report. This can make it much more difficult for you to prove that your injuries occurred as you said they did. Your employer, as well as the insurance company, may be able to speculate that your injuries were caused by something unrelated to your job. You shouldn’t wait anymore than 30 days to file a claim.

What actions should the employer take once an employer files a report?
Once an employee reports an injury, it’s the job of the employer to notify the insurance company immediately. The insurance company should be notified no later than a week after the injury was reported. At this point, the insurance company will send information to the employee about the process that will follow. The employee will be given information about their responsibilities and rights.

What if your employer refuses to report your injuries?
When employers are skeptical about an employee’s injuries they’ll likely challenge the report. It’s not the responsibility of the employer to decide whether or not an employee is telling the truth about their injuries. The authenticity of the injuries will be determined by the insurance company and their doctors. If your employer refuses to continue with the workers comp process, you should consult with a Workers Compensation Attorney in Minneapolis. An attorney will find a way to speak with the insurance company about your injuries.

If you’d like more information about workers compensation or workers compensation attorneys. You’ll find information about attorneys and the services they provide.

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