Decreasing Rear End Collisions and Lowering Coast Auto Insurance Rates

by | Apr 16, 2014 | Insurance

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The National Safety Council provides data revealing six million accidents occur annually. Additionally, 2.5 million of those accidents are due to rear-end collisions. In turn, these results in financial losses the insurance provider will pass on to the insured.

If you are a driver it is important to know the frequent causes of rear-end collisions to avoid being involved in one and potentially increasing your insurance rate at Coast Auto Insurance.

Listed below are many of the causes these accidents occur:

1. Driver distraction – The use of modern devices that allow people to text, talk or do most anything with a phone can contribute to driver distraction. Many drivers simply will not put their phone down while driving and this can lead to a serious accident. Add this to talking to passengers and looking at others while driving, puts driver distraction as one of the top reasons rear-end collisions occur.

2. Tailgating – In the past, stricter codes were enforced requiring the driver to stay at least one car length behind another driver with a speed limit of 10 miles mph. Today, these codes are not enforced, and the driver is only recommended to remain a prudent distance behind another driver. This leads to lack of accountability and more accidents occurring each day.

3. Drunk drivers – A number of drivers continue to drive while intoxicated and this increases the chances of a rear-end collision occurring. The reflexes of the intoxicated driver are much slower than a sober driver.

4. Weather conditions – One element beyond the control of any driver is the weather. When weather conditions include snow, ice or rain, common sense suggests maintaining a good distance from other cars and driving at a slower speed.

5. Road conditions – Many accidents may occur due to major roads undergoing construction. Potholes and stop signs by road workers often contribute to more accidents occurring. 6. Faulty brake lights – Cars that have brake lights that do not work may assist in causing an accident. Regardless if the driver is aware of this car defect or not this may be the root of a rear-end accident collision.

Finally, by working to avoid the reasons that cause accidents, you will be a safer driver and this will keep Coast Auto Insurance rates lower. Visit website for more information

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