Defining The Best Teeth Whitening Gel

Is a white, bright smile important to you? Do you want to feel more confident when you meet people? A whiter smile can accomplish this, according to the latest research. While cosmetic dental procedures can produce a magnificent of pearly teeth, this may not be the best or most feasible option for you. A simple solution is to turn to home applied methods, including using the best teeth whitening gel available on the market.

What are Teeth Whitening Gels?

Teeth whitening gels are an over the counter (OTC) method of making your teeth whitener. They come in a gel form. They may be included as part of a kit or be applied to such devices as whitening strips. They are used by many different people to remove stains such as coffee, wine and tobacco. The best teeth whitening gel, when applied as directed, leaves the teeth whitener than previously.

How Does it Work?

When it comes to whitening your teeth, the gel method is popular and effective. This is the result of the chemical make-up of the gel. The active ingredient of the gel is what dentists use in their offices to make your teeth whiter. This is hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide. When either substance comes into contact with teeth, it causes a splitting of molecules of which the most important is oxygen. This, in turn, sends the oxygen molecules off in search of electrons to create a bond and, therefore, achieve stability. Upon working their way over the enamel, they discover the various stains. They rip into the molecules comprising the stains and they dissolve.

Peroxide, Kits and Strips

The best whitening gel contains a higher level of either form of peroxide. The greater the concentration of whitening gel is, the greater the ability of the strips or kit to whiten the teeth. Always be sure to read the labels and instructions to learn the peroxide percentage of the gel. You also need to be aware of the demands each method will make on your time. Many strips can be worn consistently over a specified amount of time without removal. Kits with trays usually require a block of two hours to utilize.

When it comes to finding the right method of whitening your teeth, consider using whitening gels. The best teeth whitening gel is a method that is easy to apply, high in peroxide content and affordable. Be sure to talk to your pharmacist about what may work best. You should also go online to look at the various reviews of the teeth whitening gels before you make a purchase.

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