Dental El Dorado Hills Concerns for Seniors

Apr 18, 13 Dental El Dorado Hills Concerns for Seniors

Dental health is a major concern for seniors. As they get older concerns for the viability of their teeth and gums is important. Any sickness or ailment in their mouths can affect their ability to eat and drink. Dental work that may have been completed years ago may need replacement. The Dental El Dorado Hills office can fix or repair previous work.

Osteoporosis is a concern for older persons. While this normally affects the back and spine, the teeth should also be of concern. The teeth will shows signs of loss from this disease as well. The dentist can keep a watch on the appearance of the teeth and monitor it for sudden changes. The dentist will perform necessary procedures for the patient.

As the person ages so do the teeth. Seniors are more susceptible to broken teeth, lost fillings, and nerve pain. They can get new fillings, crowns which cover up partial teeth, root canals, and bridges that can connect two teeth to make a stable foundation in the mouth.

Dentures are another area that seniors will face in greater quantities. They can be used to provide replacement teeth for those that have lost their original set. They may need to pull any bad teeth and let the gums heal prior to getting fitted for dentures. Dentures give seniors a way to converse, eat and carry on normal activities that they normally would not without teeth. Partial dentures are also an option. They would only replace a smaller portion of the mouth where teeth may be gone.

Nerve pain can prevent people from using their mouth. It can be a sign that cavities are present or problems with the nerve endings in the root of the tooth. When the dentist inspects the mouth they may be able to remove the portion of the tooth that has decayed. They will then seal the tooth back up with filling material to prevent any further damage. The gums and nerves will be shot with a numbing agent so that the patient will not feel pain. The dental El Dorado Hills clinic works with seniors to keep their gums healthy.


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