Dental Work Is Not as Painful With The Right Dentist

Do you need a new crown on your teeth? Are you dreading your root canal, but know it has to be done because it could develop into a more severe infection? Perhaps it might be time to consider finding the right dentist. Luckily for you, dental work isn’t as painful when you have the right person doing it.

Having Dental Crowns Chicago, IL placed on your teeth is one of the most dreaded parts of dentistry. A dental crown is a small “cap” that is placed on top of your tooth to improve it’s appearance and strength. It leaves visible the part that lies below the gumline, but mainly is there to cover the top of the tooth. Dental crowns provide some stability to the tooth, and allow the foundation of the tooth to remain solid. If the tooth is weak, having a dental crown placed is the only way to make sure that it stays solid. Having a crown done may seem painful, but it is not very painful when under a local anesthetic.

Also, a Root Canal is another very frustrating part of having dental work done. Root canals are notoriously painful as the dentist must physically use a tool in order to remove part of the tooth’s pulp and root. Once the infected tissue is removed, the root canal gap area is then filled with a dental filler. Dental filler is designed to take up the extra space in the tooth after the root canal has been performed and prevent further decay. The crown is then placed on top of the tooth to stabilize it and make sure that the tooth remains solid. After seeing an endodontist, you may decide that it is a good idea to have Dental Crowns Chicago IL placed on the tooth which you have had the root canal performed on immediately afterward.

Be sure to see a dentist as soon as possible if you know that you need a crown or a root canal. Once your root canal is finished, you won’t have to worry about tooth pain for a while. Having the root canal is the first step toward a full recovery. Visit Dentistry At Dr. Legator In Chicago, IL.

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