Desirable Areas for Real Estate in New York City

Jun 18, 13 Desirable Areas for Real Estate in New York City

New York is divided into boroughs. Inside each of the boroughs though, is certain distinct sections or neighborhoods which have their own unique characteristics. Manhattan is no different. There are actually quite a few neighborhoods within Manhattan. Some of these areas are more desirable for living than others.

West Village

One of the desirable places where people search for Manhattan, NY real estate is the West Village. This neighborhood has been appreciating each and every year. Even with the slowdown in the real estate economy this neighborhood is still seeing many of its properties appreciate by an average of ten percent annually.

 Upper East Side

A second popular area is the Upper East Side. This neighborhood is known for having great schools. That makes it desirable for families with kids. Good schools in the area always make a property worth more.

Flat Iron

The third neighborhood that many people find desirable when searching for Manhattan, NY real estate is the flat iron neighborhood. This is the area that exists between uptown and downtown. It is close to the residential neighborhoods as well as the business districts.


Over recent years, the Williamsburg neighborhood has become increasingly popular though it is not technically part of Manhattan. A lot of this has to do with the influence from the younger generations. This is a young and vibrant area of New York. It is also very affordable.

Upper West Side

Another area that is quite popular would be the upper west side of Manhattan. Being right there next to Central Park is always a plus. On top of that, it also helps in maintain or appreciating the property value.


Then there is the midtown area of Manhattan. This is where the popular stretch of Fifth Avenue is. That means that it is very close to all of the shopping and finer luxuries in life. The midtown area of Manhattan is desirable because it literally is right in the middle of everything.


Finally, there is the Chelsea area of Manhattan. This is arguably the area that is in the highest demand. It is reasonably close to the financial district which is always a plus. On top of that, it is right there on the water, which always helps to add value to a property. This is especially true for Manhattan, NY.


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