Different Types of Transmission Repair

by | Jul 17, 2014 | Automotive

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Most people tend to think that a transmission problem means one of two things—a rebuild or a replacement. With these two expensive options at the front of people’s minds, it’s no wonder that the idea of transmission repair comes with such a feeling of dread for most people. In truth, however, there are many different levels of transmission problems, and some repairs are not nearly as difficult or expensive as others.

Minor Repairs
Believe it or not, sometimes transmission trouble requires only a minor adjustment, not a major overhaul. In modern cars, a faulty sensor, bad connection or malfunctioning solenoid can cause the car to shift improperly. In older cars, the throttle cable or vacuum modulator can break or go out of adjustment. Any one of these problems can be fixed with either a simple adjustment or replacing a relatively inexpensive part and they do not involve removing the transmission from the car, which is often the most expensive part of the repair.

Medium Repairs
One common transmission problem is leaking, which you can detect by finding red or brown spots under the car after you park. Leaks can come from transmission lines and seals, and in most cases they can be repaired without dropping the transmission from the vehicle. There are other accessible parts that can be usually repaired without removing the transmission, particularly electrical parts that can be reached by removing the transmission oil pan. While fixing these parts constitutes a “medium” transmission repair, such a repair would sometimes not be given a good warranty because there could be further damage that cannot be seen without removing the transmission.

Overhaul and Replacement
A complete transmission overhaul involves removing the transmission, taking it apart completely and inspecting each part for damage or wear. The parts that are in bad shape will be replaced, and every other part will be cleaned with a special solution. Gaskets and seals would be replaced in any transmission rebuild. Of course, sometimes transmission repair is not an option, and in that case a full replacement is possible. This is usually the most expensive solution for transmission problems, but it often comes with a great warranty and peace of mind.

There are many things that can go wrong with a transmission, and the repair can be anywhere from a minor adjustment to a complete replacement. No matter how big a repair you need, you can get the best quality of work at a fair price from Trans Works Transmissions.


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