Do-It-Yourself Drain Repair

Clogged drains happen from time-to-time and can even become a chronic issue in some houses. As long as you stay on top of these clogs, however, you should be able to prevent it from becoming a major problem. By learning a few drain repair techniques, you can save yourself money on plumbing and can prevent this from becoming a major problem around your house.

Plumbing Snake
The simplest way to unclog a drain is to purchase a plumbing snake. Start with the smallest snake that you can find and move up to larger ones if it does not work immediately. Put the coiled end into your drain and slowly start to crack it, as this allows the snake to advance through the pipe. When the snake stops moving, it means that you have found the clog. Do not force the snake, but rather use the snake to attempt to grab whatever is clogging the drain. The goal is to pull the clog out, rather than to push it further into the pipe. Repeat this technique until you remove the entire clog from the drain.

Store Bought Cleaners
Those who do not wish to use a snake can purchase cleaners from any grocery store. All you do is pour some of the solution down the drain and wait for it to break down the blockage. You will then follow the solution with hot water and it should remove whatever is causing the problem.

Preventative Measures
Of course, it is always easier to prevent these blockages from occurring altogether than it is to repair them. Never pour things like fat or wax down the drain, as they are likely to mount onto your pipes. In addition, things like food crumbs, paper and hair can be responsible for sizeable clogs in many homes. Be careful with your drains and you can prevent many of these issues from ever occurring.

Chronic Clogs
If you find that your drains are clogging constantly, it is wise to contact some an expert in drain repair. New Jersey, among other states, has a number of plumbers who will come to your home and insert a camera into your pipes, which will show the exact nature of the problem. Many times, structural defects in the pipes or natural materials like tree roots and dropping land levels are responsible for chronically clogged drains.

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