Do We Really Need Toilet Seat Covers?

Whenever we use the toilet in our own home, we usually feel free from any worries about catching something while we are in there. You and your family are well trained when it comes to toilet hygiene and you are well aware of the state of everybody’s health. The only real concern is the old problem of should the seat be left up or down?

Things Are Different Away From The Security Of Your Own Home

Even at your place of work, you are not intimately aware of all your co-workers habits and health condition (plus any visitors that might have used the toilet cubicle ahead of you). The possibilities for something untoward happening increase when you need to use the toilet in a public place. Maybe, it’s only a small mess or an unpleasant smell but anything that looks unhygienic probably is and that can mean exposing yourself to any number of unseen germs, bugs or viruses.

Medical experts might claim that most illnesses are not transferred quite so easily but, why take the risk? After all, they now say that someone with flu need only sneeze and then touch a door handle to spread their flu to the next person who opens or closes that door. We have to ask ourselves – “is this seat that I am sitting on safe for contact with my bare skin?” More often than not, the answer is that you really do not have a clue.

Eliminate Direct Contact

Assuming that you cannot wait until you get home, possibly the most reliable way to eliminate your fears is to carry one or two disposable paper toilet seat covers around with you but, they are a bit bulky and inconvenient to always have with you when you need them. If you are lucky; the toilet you end up in may have a dispenser that might be stocked with disposable toilet seat covers (usually paper but, sometimes, plastic) but you have to get them correctly balanced on the seat itself without them falling on the floor –or worse, falling inside the toilet bowl.

Once you have a cover nicely placed and have completed your business without any part of your body coming in contact with anything that a stranger has sat upon, what do you do with the so-called disposable cover? It’s a bit too large to be flushed away and there is rarely a sizeable disposal bin located within the (usually) cramped dimensions of the average toilet cubicle. We do need toilet seat covers but there has to be a better way of getting them.

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