Do You Think You Have A Financial Claim Following A Personal Injury In Rockford, IL?

by | Jun 27, 2014 | Lawyers

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The concept is quite simple. If something or someone causes us any Personal Injury In Rockford, IL, then, we should be entitled to, at least, full reimbursement of any and all expenses we incur as a result of that injury. Unfortunately, the reality is rarely that simple.

Who Was To Blame?

Personal injury in Rockford, IL is, usually, the result of some sort of accident. Accidents do not “just Happen”, they are caused by any number of factors. In a majority of cases, the factors involved could quite possibly have been avoided. Unfortunately, all too often, those involved in an accident that has caused somebody to suffer personal injury in Rockford, IL will say, in hindsight, “if only I had, or had not, dome (that)”. For the injury victim to claim compensation, fault and/or negligence needs to be established.

Establishing this, even for quite straightforward cases is not always easy and is often open to debate. If, by way of example, a pedestrian is knocked down by a motor vehicle, who is really to blame and are they 100% responsible for the accident?

If the pedestrian was standing stationary on the sidewalk when the vehicle hit them, it would seem that the driver of the vehicle must be 100% to blame. But, what if a malfunction in the vehicle’s brakes, steering or other equipment caused the vehicle to swerve off the pavement and mount the sidewalk? Could the manufacturer of that vehicle also be held accountable?

Or, maybe, the vehicle that hit the pedestrian could have been swerving to avoid another vehicle or obstruction. If that was so, shouldn’t the other vehicle be included in any apportioning of blame?

What if the accident happened on a dark, unlit portion of road and the pedestrian was dressed entirely in black and standing at a spot where people would not, normally, be expected to linger? In reality, there can be any number of contributing factors for the accident that caused one person to suffer Personal Injury In Rockford IL.

Who Sorts It Out?

We live in a society where disputes between us are resolved by application of law. Anyone claiming compensation for financial losses resulting from Personal Injury In Rockford IL is entitled to fight their own legal battles. However, most of us would feel that we lack the intimate knowledge of the law to be successful on our own. For this reason, it is usually better for us to consult with a personal injury lawyer in Rockford Illinois and be guided by their advice.

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