Does Your Brand Have Personality?

by | May 5, 2014 | Articles

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Most individuals know about brand positioning. They recognize this as the physical means by which one brand is different from another. Not too many even think about something called brand personality. This is what a brand consultancy firm may create as part of the branding process.

What is Brand Personality?

Brand personality may be defined as how a brand characterizes and conveys its nature. A brand consultancy company can achieve this by providing the brand with specific human traits. This is all part of brand differentiation but s virtual humanization of a product through various means.

How a Brand Consultancy Agency Accomplishes this

When it comes to creating a brand personality, a brand consultancy agency has different approaches they can take. They can turn to specific individuals or personalities to express or reflect the desired qualities or take an abstract human characteristic and attach it to the branding message. For example, a celebrity personality may represent the embodiment of various traits unique to this brand. Kentucky Fried Chicken, for example has traditionally been Colonel Sanders as much as Wendy’s has been the founder Dave’s daughter Wendy. These are not celebrity spokespeople. They are closely identified on a more primitive level with the product, institution, company or service.

Many people creating a brand personality turn to certain classic characteristics to make a product relatable. The most common used by agencies are:

  • Trustworthiness
  • Fun
  • Exciting
  • Intelligent
  • Sophisticated
  • Youthful

Another approach adopted by a brand consultancy agent is to associate the brand of the product with a specific lifestyle. Mark’s Work Warehouse, for example, was the bastion of working life. It rebranded itself as Mark’s to attract a broader market by appealing to the inclusive nature of working men and women’s footwear, clothing etc.

Global Differences

What is important for a brand consultancy firm to realize, and the best ones do, is that a brand personality may differ from country-to-country. Around the globe what works in one culture may not be applicable in another. It becomes imperative that an agency recognize this and work closely with valued marketers in the target country to create the right brand personality within the cultural context.

Developing the right brand personality is not easy. It relies upon a variety of factors. When looking at the target group, it becomes necessary for the brand consultancy agent to look not only at gender and age but also culture and context. Only by doing so can brand personality stand a chance at being successful.

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