Don’t Ignore Signs that Your Roof may Need Repair

Are you beginning to get suspicious that your roof may need repair? It can be hard to tell if it hasn’t failed yet. When it does fail, you are going to have a big and probably expensive mess to deal with, so don’t wait. Look for the signs. They include mold, mildew and peeling paint (inside or out), dark spots or broken shingles on the roof, and stains or other evidence of water in the attic. If you find any of these, or even if you are just still suspicious, call a Roofers El Reno contractor for an inspection. (Note: damaged roofs can contain hidden weak spots, so confine your own inspection to what can be seen from the ground or the top of a ladder.)

Your roof repair El Reno OK representative has the knowledge and experience to pinpoint the problem(s), or to inform you if there are none. If there’s no problem, it’s a good idea to ask your inspector about the general condition of the roof and when it should be inspected again. Then go ahead and make the appointment, just like you would schedule an office visit with your dentist. This is an inexpensive way of keeping up with household maintenance.


Some repairs may simply require a little patching, and your inspector knows that if this is the case and he/she is honest about it, you will call that company again when you have another problem. Don’t by surprised, however, if what appears to be a small problem on the outside is hiding a larger problem underneath. That’s the nature of water damage that takes place over time. Ask to be shown the damage or see photos of it, and get a written estimate before the work starts. Your Roof Repair El Reno representative should be happy to oblige.

Ask around to make sure you are dealing with a reputable company, and inquire with the company about a materials and workmanship guarantee. Above all, if you have problems, don’t underestimate the importance of expediting roof repair. Setting buckets out on the floor every time it rains is just not an acceptable alternative. Without a sound roof, you can’t expect to have a sound house, or at least not for long. At Affordable Construction Company, we are committed to quality, service and integrity. When you choose us, you become part of the Affordable family.

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