Don’t Settle with Insurance Before You Speak with a Personal Injury Attorney in Suffolk County

by | Jun 20, 2014 | Lawyers and Law Firms

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When you’ve been injured as the result of negligence, the insurance company for the person or business which caused your injury may try to offer you a settlement to cover your expenses. A Personal Injury Attorney Suffolk County recommends that you do not accept the settlement without speaking with a lawyer first. Insurance companies attempt to give you a low settlement offer, as they are in business to make money and not to give it away. However, the money they offer you may not be enough to cover your expenses, and by accepting it you cannot receive more money at a later time. Some of the compensation types you may need to receive can include:

Medical Bills

Your medical bills can be relatively small if you recover from the accident quickly, or they can be huge if you are seriously or permanently injured. An insurance company generally doesn’t look towards long term medical bills, and will offer you the smallest amount they think you will accept.

Lost Wages

Whether you’ve only lost a few days from work or you will have to miss many months, you deserve those wages to be covered so you don’t fall behind on your everyday bills. An insurance company usually doesn’t take this money into account when creating a settlement offer.

Car Repairs/Replacement

If your injuries are the result of a car accident, you’re entitled to compensation for the cost of repairs or replacement if the car cannot be repaired. An insurance company may not give you enough money to cover all of the repairs or to fully replace your vehicle.

A lawyer such as Business Name can review over the details of the incident and find out how much compensation you deserve. They’ll find a high and low number, and will begin settlement meetings with the high number. They will not settle for anything lower than the low number so that they can be sure that you will have enough compensation to get back on track financially. If they cannot get a settlement, they will go to court for you to help you get the money you need. Never settle for what the insurance company wants to give you without speaking with a lawyer to make sure the settlement amount will cover all of your expenses. For more information, visit Website URL.

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