Don’t Take Declined As An Answer Seek An Experienced SSDI Attorney in Monticello, NY

If you become too ill to work, suffer from mental illnesses, or have been injured to such an extent you are no longer able to continue in your profession, you may have been advised to seek SSDI in Monticello, NY. While it seems like a simple enough procedure, it’s truly anything but simple. It’s a convoluted process where you must prove your illness, your inability to continue working and show extensive paperwork to support your claims. However, it’s not impossible.

Looking at the statistics, nearly 70% of all claims are denied the first time the paperwork is submitted. To help improve your chances of a quicker approval process, it’s important you schedule a consultation with an attorney who devotes his time and practice to helping those with Social Security issues. For many, the decision NOT to seek an attorney is based on finances. However, in many cases, the SSDI in Monticello NY attorney will allow you to pay his fees out of your eventual settlement instead of upfront. This allows you to seek their services and gain the approval you need without worrying about how you’re going to afford to pay him.

Before you schedule a consultation meeting with an attorney in the area, get your paperwork together, including all of your recent medical records. You should also make a complete list of all the jobs you’ve held, their address and phone numbers along with the position and duties you held. By taking as much proof and documentation with you to the appointment, the attorney you choose can get started on your case right away. While some people go to see an attorney before they ever start the process, it’s never to late to seek the advice and help of a lawyer.

With firms such as The Law Office of Craig S. Fine, experienced social security attorneys can help you whether you’ve already been declined or you’re being required to provide ongoing proof of your disability. The firm offers a free consultation where you can learn how to proceed and what your options are. Don’t take declined as an answer, instead, seek what you are entitled to from the Social Security administration.

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