Drain Cleaning: Unpopular But Necessary

Nov 28, 19 Drain Cleaning: Unpopular But Necessary

Drain cleaning is not a pleasant task. It is one nobody rushes to do. It has little to attract it. Yet, when it comes to drain cleaning, Oklahoma City OK experts assert it is one of the most important plumbing tasks you can handle. If you ignore the signs, you can cause damage and open your pocketbook to expensive repairs.

Signs of a Clogged Drain

It is possible to spot early signs you have drain problems. Essentially, there are two main ones:

A foul smell is emanating from the drain. This could be trapped food mixed with hair, tooth paste and other waste items. In some instances, the origin of the smell may not actually be clear. It may seem to permeate the home. This is usually the case if the pipe systems are interconnected.

Any water drains slowly down the drain. This happens after you pull the plug after a bath or upon finishing the dishes.

If you notice any of these signs of blockage, drain cleaning becomes a distinct possibility. If you ignore these early indications, the chances are increased the sink will “back-up.” You can end up with a sink or tub full of grey, smelly water. If the pipes join at a juncture, which can happen in some older homes, the water may overflow the sink and gush onto the floor creating a more serious problem.

Tackling a Clogged Drain

There are different ways to address the problem. The first step, of course, is to discover the source of the problem. Upon doing this, you can attack it in one or a combination of several ways. Among the most common are the following methods.

  • Pour hot water down the sink first. If the plug is very minor, it may remove it
  • Combine vinegar with lemon juice and see if this is effective
  • For a stronger solution, combine vinegar with baking soda. Allow it to sit for about half-an-hour then flush with hot water. This is most effective (and is environmentally friendly) on small clogs of hair
  • Use a plunger to see if it removes the plug and even brings up hair balls and gunk into the sink, therefore, clearing away small clog. Follow it by running hot water for several minutes
  • Apply chemical, commercial drain cleaning solutions. Be sure to read the labels and understand the toxicity of the substances before using them.
  • Use a household snake.

All these methods may be effective. However, some may only provide a temporary solution. If the problem reoccurs, be prepared to call a plumber in to take care of the drain cleaning once and for all.

Drain cleaning, Oklahoma City OK professional plumbers is a job that can be simple or complex. Much depends upon the size and type of clog. While individuals may be able to handle some minor clogs, when it comes to tackling serious drain cleaning problems, it is always best to call in the professionals. Click here to know more.

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