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by | May 15, 2014 | Business, Education

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In the past 10 years, education has undergone a major revolution. Although some form of long-distance education has been in existence for decades, statistics indicate more and more course work is appearing online. Online CEUs for social workers, psychologists, therapists, engineers and other professionals are becoming increasingly common. Several forces are behind this move towards easily accessible learning. The major two are: technology and individual need.


Online learning has, in part, been the result of the availability of the “new” technology. Computers were simply the initial force behind the evolution in the classroom. The arrival of cheaper technology and more powerful devices has resulted in increased ability for individuals to purchase and have access to the means of furthering their education in a convenient manner. It is now possible, and inexpensively so, for individuals to play, transmit and create video content easily and inexpensively.

The advent of newer technology as well as the decreasing cost of many devices e.g. digital video cameras, laptop computers, has also affected the ability for many to take online CEUs. For social workers and retail employees alike, this is proving to be significant as a means of furthering their education. It is an effect tool for many people who see online courses as a beneficial way of learning. For them, the technology is part of an important equation. It is one that includes their individual perspective on learning and its methods.

Online CEUs and the Individual

Research, including surveys, indicate the reasons why individuals opt to take online courses. While they may not be the same for everyone, the major reasons include the following:

  • Convenience: For some individuals, it is about convenience. This may mean the individual simply does not like leaving their home. It can also refer to those who work for a living. For many professionals and other workers, it is simply not possible to physically get to a class and work for a living at the same time. Online CEUs for social workers and laborers alike are the ideal means of furthering their learning experience in an easily accessible form.
  • Comfort : They simply do not like even the thought of having to drive somewhere to attend a traditional class. It is more convenient for them to stay at home and learn.
  • Time: Related to convenience is time. Sometimes commuting to a classroom is not feasible. It is not simple inconvenience; it is a matter of availability. Online CEUs for social workers and employees in fast food restaurants are a perfect means of meeting obligations and getting an education.

Online learning is becoming increasingly available and even popular. Advances in technology and decreasing costs have made it easier to take online CEUs. For social workers and other individuals, this is one way in which education is becoming more attainable. It is feasible to learn and continue to earn.

As a professional or professional to be, time can be precious. Yet, it is important to our career and yourself to learn the latest in your field. Online CEUs For Social Workers and therapists at the Ben Franklin Institute are there to help. For more information on our courses, lectures and conferences.

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