Effective Medical Weight Loss in CT

The need for an effective weight loss program is a problem for many Americans. As many as 45 million of them are actively on a diet at any given time through the year. Some will stick with it and be successful. But for most it proves to be too restrictive or ineffective and they give up, often regaining what they did lose as well as a few additional pounds.

Obesity is a dangerous health concern with serious risks. High blood pressure, increased risk of heart disease, certain cancers and stroke are just a few of these potential problems. Even though those who are overweight understand the risks and may even already have suffered from some of them, it is not enough to help them lose.
Why people gain weight is as individual as the person themselves. This is why their diet plan has to also be tailored for them. Using a generic plan does not always address the psychological or physical reasons behind weight gain.

That is why Medical Weight Loss Solutions begins every program with a consultation. A complete medical work up is included with this consultation. Together this information helps them to understand who the patient is, what they hope to see for a final result and where to begin. They incorporate a healthy diet plan and exercise regimen with consistent support and education.

Weekly visits gauge progress and offer the time to discuss emotional issues which may have come up or may be blocking the patient’s ability to continue. At each weekly visit a meeting is scheduled with a nutritional specialist who can help to tweak and personalize the meal plans. There is also a weigh-in and blood pressure check.
Personal training at their on-site exercise studio can help people learn to work out safely and correctly to be most effective. The encouragement from a trained professional in a private environment can be a great solution for anyone who has resisted joining a gym or working out on their own.

The initial consultation with Medical Weight Loss CT is free, so there is no reason to avoid your weight any longer. Real help is available from a company that understands weight gain is about more than just eating too much. There are 4, 6 and 12-week programs available. Contact them to find out everything they offer and what they can do to help you.

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