Effective Partition Systems for your Office Design

When you are looking to design or redesign your office space you want to work with a partition system that will provide a practical and functional office space. Efficiency, beauty and smart layout are all important aspects to an effective office space.

Use Space Wisely
When you are working with limited space it is imperative you use space wisely. A partition system can provide a space-wise layout with private workspace for staff without the need for too many offices. Using glass partitions can make a boring space become more modern while providing a light and airy feel. Configuring “cubicles” using a glass partition system allows you to block off work areas without making the open space seem jammed with desks and cubicle walls. Work spaces can be designed back to back and side by side with shared walls designed to take up minimal space.

Privacy with Frosted Glass
When using a partition system some people might find the clarity of glass leaves them open to co-workers and may not be conducive to a productive work environment. Using frosted glass allows you to use the lighter feel you want while providing privacy staff might prefer. You can use a full frosted glass panel or opt for custom partitions that have clear areas to allow for more light in each work space and frosting for privacy where needed.

Main Office Walls
The light and airy feel you achieve with a glass partition system can be carried through to outer offices as well. There are many deign options that allow for stunning design details such as stainless steel window frames combined with glass or wood frames in dark wood with linen finished glass for a more sophisticated feel. The beauty of some partition systems is that you can design offices using sliding glass doors for a completely seamless look. Glass doors are designed to fit into a glass partition system to appear as a wall when closed and to shadow the office walls when open.

A partition system doesn’t have to consist of unattractive upholstered cubicle walls. You can find a truly contemporary, beautifully designed partition system that provides efficiency, functionality and effective use of space to create professional offices designed for productivity.

When you are looking for an airy glass wall design for your office, Space Plus has the solutions to suit any taste or budget. Visit http://www.spaceplusllc.com/ for ideas and information.

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