End-Time News: The End Is Coming

Those who are familiar with the book of Revelation in the Bible understand the changes that are supposed to occur in the world to signal the second coming of Jesus. However, those that are less familiar with this book may not realize that much of what happens in the world today is actually signs of the end times. Looking for end-time news can help you realize how close the end of the world truly is.

Understanding the Signs

Revelation is a book that many scholars struggle to decide whether it is meant to be taken literally or if much of the wording is figurative. This means it can be difficult for the average believer to understand what is really prophesied in the book. Finding a reliable source to learn more about the signs of the end-times and what that means for believers can help more individuals understand what is happening in the world today and what it means for the future.

Looking Toward the Future

One great thing about being a Christian in the end-times is that it really isn’t an end at all. End-time news can help individuals realize that the end of the world is just the beginning of an eternity without suffering. This is something everyone who believes can look forward to for their future. Thus those who believe don’t see the end-times as a bad thing, but rather the fulfillment of a promise for a better tomorrow.

Making the Best of the Times

Living as a Christian in the end-times is often a struggle. Seeing all the bad things that are happening in the world is enough to discourage anyone, especially those who have children who will have to endure worse in the coming years. The end-times means intensifying evil in the world. However, when Christians band together to fight against these evils, they become stronger and are able to feel better about the events that occur on a regular basis.

Watching end-time news doesn’t have to be a discouraging event. Instead, Christians can see that the prophecies that are present in the book of Revelation are coming true. Natural disasters, wars and other evils are growing in frequency and intensity. These are all signs that the end is coming. For Christians, this is a great comfort, not a terrifying experience, because they know what is coming after these horrible times.

End-time news can help people to realize the world is just the beginning of an eternity without suffering.

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