Engagement Rings: Future Dreams and Traditional Symbols

Mar 06, 12 Engagement Rings: Future Dreams and Traditional Symbols

Just days before Christmas, NBC News reported that a Circleville, Ohio couple’s engagement ring had been recovered. The woman, Sarah Anderson, had laid the ring in her lap while applying hand sanitizer at a gas station where she and her fiancé, Michael Russell, had stopped to pump gas on Thanksgiving Day. The couple was on their way to upstate New York to visit family. When she stood up, Anderson did not notice the engagement ring as it fell to the ground. The couple left the station, and it wasn’t until 20 minutes later that Anderson realized that her ring was missing. The couple drove back to the station, but the engagement ring was gone.

Frantic, Anderson contacted the Pickaway County Sheriff’s office. Upon reviewing the surveillance video of the gas station, police were able to locate the gentleman who had found Sarah’s engagement ring. The ring is now safely back on Sarah’s finger, and she is overjoyed at the Christmas miracle that she received.

Stories like Sarah Anderson’s are a reminder of how much value engagement rings hold. People are aware of the monetary value, of course; however, the true value of engagement rings goes so far beyond their physical worth. Engagement rings are symbols of the love between two people and of their commitment not just to get married, but to spend the rest of their lives in union with one another. Their shiny brilliance serves as a visible reminder of the radiance of the love that exists between two people.

Someone has said that engagement rings are 10% material object and 90% meaning. Though it is hard to put percentage values on such things, it is true that engagement rings posses a great deal of sentimental value. Often there is a great story attached with how certain rings were chosen or paid for. Engagement rings also provide a way for couples to share the stories of their love and their engagement with future generations. When shopping for rings, it is often difficult for couples to see beyond the present moment, but rings purchased today will be the same ones that children, grandchildren, and even great grandchildren are talking about for years to come.

The Circleville, Ohio couple will certainly have a wonderful story to share with their progeny. Perry Hall, Maryland couples will create wonderful narratives, as well. Those stories are crafted when a couple picks out just the right ring together, or when someone surprises the other with a finely crafted engagement ring, or when rings are passed on from grandparents to children to grandchildren.

Engagement rings offer hope for the future while being grounded in traditions of the past, uniting together not just a couple in love, but families and whole generations in bonds that will last forever.

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