Enjoy a Cup of Te De Arnica Tea with Breakfast

by | May 7, 2014 | Shopping

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Mexican breakfasts are being embraced in the U.S. more so than ever. Whether you want a sausage burrito, an omelet with cilantro, garlic, and plenty of chiles, or another great breakfast item, you will be able to find all of the items that you need from a quality Mexican grocer. The great thing about eating Mexican food is that there is so much variety. When you think of Mexican food you probably think of tacos and burritos or Mexican cookies, but there is so much more to Mexican cuisine than what most Americans even realize. If you love eggs for breakfast, then you will probably enjoy the Huevos rancheros. If you lead an active lifestyle and want breakfast while on the go, then apricot chimichangas or tamale muffins are absolutely wonderful.

Enjoy the Goodness of an Authentic Mexican Breakfast with Tea

Chimichangas can have a variety of ingredients in them, but if you want to stay true to Mexican culture, then you would use ricotta cheese, flour tortillas, eggs, and the sauce of your choice. Frittatas are popular as well. Simply layer peppers, zucchini, onions, egg, and Swiss cheese onto a flour tortilla and your stomach will be in absolute heaven. All of these vegies and great tasting ingredients will ensure that you have a flavor packed breakfast that will give you plenty of energy throughout the day. Brew a cup of classic Mexican Te De Arnica tea, and you will be completely fulfilled until your next meal.

Include Fresh Ingredients for Healthy Great Flavors

Fresh Avocados, guacamole, and refried beans are great additions as well. One thing that Americans probably don’t know about Mexican culture is that lunch is normally the large meal, while dinner is lighter in nature. Even though a variety of ingredients are used in Mexican cuisine, you don’t have to load up on calories or fats. One of the reasons that Mexican food is becoming so popular in America is because it can be so healthy. When you go to buy your tea, you will have many options. Whether you want classic tea, Chamomile infusion herbal tea, spearmint herbal tea, orange blossom tea, mullein leaf tea, or any other type of Mexican tea, the choices are endless.

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