E&Q Heating & Cooling Can Maintain Old Systems or Install New Ones

Long ago, there was no such thing as a central climate control system. Staying warm involved crowding around a fireplace or wood stove, and if you wanted to go to sleep instead of staying up to feed the fire, you’d have to cover yourself in quilts and hope for the best. Needless to say, this was far from ideal. Steam heating likely came about as soon as metal working improved enough to be able to make a boiler that wouldn’t leak. After the development of systems that allowed for the reliable delivery of electricity, it was time for the forced air furnace. Soon, that became the standard type of heating system in American homes.

Now, the furnaces sold and serviced by E&Q Heating & Cooling follow the same general principles as the ones from a century ago. Changes have been made in the fuel used for the fire, but the concept of a contained fire, a set of ducts, and an electrically-powered blower to send the heat through those ducts remains basically the same. This means that furnace service is a skill that has had plenty of time to be refined from one generation to another. A master technician won’t have any trouble pinpointing and repairing problems.

Air conditioning is a slightly newer technology, which came about only after refrigeration was invented. Even so, it’s many decades old – and so are many currently operating air conditioning systems! If your system is truly old, you should consider getting a new one from E&Q Heating & Cooling or a similar dealer. This is because the technology has improved through the years. New air conditioners are much more efficient than older ones. Air conditioning development cycles also seem faster than those of furnaces. While replacing a furnace may not be worthwhile until the machine is 20 years old, some say that it’s worth it to replace an air conditioner after only a decade.

If a new A/C unit isn’t in your plans, you still don’t have to put up with a malfunctioning unit. Many repairs are quick and inexpensive, so if your current unit isn’t working right, call a technician to fix it. You may be surprised at how affordable it is to get your air conditioner running perfectly.

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