Essential Bathtime Baby Gifts Makes a Big Splash

Infants need regular baths like adults. Though the very youngest newborns can be kept clean for approximately three weeks by using a wash cloth and warm water, without using a tub of water, it is not long before the baby will need a daily bath. Giving essential bathtime baby gifts at showers or during the holidays is a good decision because the bath items are so important to good baby care. In fact, the ideal gift is a bathtime gift set that contains a variety of supplies all meant to keep baby clean and warm.

The essential bathtime gifts are necessary and helpful. Making bathtime as easy as possible for the mother is important. The baby needs to be cleaned quickly and safely, and kept warm during and after the process. As infants grow older, bathtime can be turned into playtime also, to create interest and develop cooperation during the cleaning process.

Needed by All Mothers

If a hundred mothers were asked their opinion as to what they consider the most important bathtime items to add to a gift basket, there would be a hundred different answers. However, there are some items that are needed by all mothers. Include these bathtime accessories in a basket and you have the perfect baby shower gift.

  • Terry washcloth that is soft on baby’s skin
  • Hooded towel that can keeps a baby warm after a bath
  • Slippers to keep a baby’s feet warm

There are many other bath accessories that can be presented to the new mother. For example, baby shampoo and soap can be added to the washcloth and towel. Another option is to give personalized pajamas and booties with the bathtime gift basket for a complete nighttime set.

Of course, as the infant gets older there will be a need for bathtime toys to enter the picture. Plastic toys that can safely get wet can distract the child during washing. Babies do not always cooperate when it is time to get clean, so turning the bathtime into a fun time is one way to make the experience enjoyable for the child and the mother. It is important to save a special toy just for bathtime so the child looks forward to taking a bath because it also means an opportunity to play with the toy.

Fill a Bathtub with Gifts

Another option for gift giving is to fill a baby bathtub with essential gifts like bodysuits, bibs, baby soap and lotions, cotton swabs, clean diapers, baby powder, and so on. Accumulating a selection of gifts to make a personalized baby bathtub gift basket is a good way to present an elaborate gift that is practical as well. Add a personalized blanket and the complete set is ready for bathtime.

Bathtime can be a special time each day, during which mom or dad and the baby spend some quality, fun time together. It is impossible to go wrong giving bathtime baby gift baskets or sets filled with specially selected items as a shower or holiday gift. One thing is for certain – your gift will make a big splash!

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