Essential Information Regarding Hair Smoothing Treatments

by | May 15, 2014 | Health Care

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Keratin treatments and Brazilian blowouts are definitely a popular trend. But, du you really know how they work, or if they are really safe? If not, the following information will enlighten you about the process that is used, and how it may be able to help your unruly hair become manageable, straight and smooth.

The Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Solution Process

No matter what the process is called, Brazilian treatments or keratin smoothing, these salon frizz fighters are effective due to the way they break apart specific bonds that are present in your hair, and then glue them back together in a much sleeker and smoother pattern.

If you were to magnify a strand of your hair, you will see the amino acids arranged in what appears to be a ladder if you have straight hair, or a spiral staircase for curly strands. Linked sulfur atoms, or disulfide bonds, are what create the steps of the amino acids. The higher number of disulfide bonds that are present in your hair, the more erratically they are arranged, the curlier your hair will be.

The actual salon process works like this: The stylist will apply a deep cleansing shampoo first, then the actual straightening solution. The next step is to blow fry the hair straight, then meticulously flat iron at a higher temperature. This will create the waterproof seal that helps the strands of hair maintain their new shape for a period of three to six months. Once the process is complete, it will reduce the blow drying time at home by a significant amount.

Are these Smoothing Treatments Safe?

There are some keratin hair products that contain formaldehyde, which has been linked to issues such as skin rashes, teary eyes and headaches. It is a larger risk for people that work with it, such as the stylist, rather than the people that straighten their hair every few months. However, it is important to understand that the FDA has advised that consumers should limit their exposure to these formaldehyde containing products. The good news is that there are a large number of products that are now considered formaldehyde free, providing the benefits of a keratin treatment, without any type of risk.

When properly applied and maintained, keratin treatments can provide straight and manageable hair for several months at a time. If you are unsure of the proper care methods, be sure to talk with your stylist.

Brazilian Blowout Smoothing Solution treatments offer superior straightening power for any type of unruly or unmanageable hair. If you are interested in this treatment, be sure to use the proper type of maintenance products, such as the ones offered at the Lemon Lime Beauty website.


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