Examples of the Types of Immunizations Shots Given to Save Lives

Mar 03, 14 Examples of the Types of Immunizations Shots Given to Save Lives

There is a common belief that just because a certain disease or illness has not been running rampant as it used to, that it is gone. Unfortunately, that belief is not only false, but it can be deadly.

Many times diseases and illnesses that were deadly or caused serious health problems are not present in today’s society because of immunizations and vaccinations. Immunization shots and vaccinations keep potentially deadly diseases, like measles, pneumonia, and polio away by immunizing the body against the viruses that cause these diseases.

People automatically assume that because the disease or illness is not present, it is gone forever. This causes people to stop getting vaccinations and immunization shots. This single choice can be potentially life-threatening, as it causes people to be susceptible to the very diseases that are prevented.

If you are wondering exactly which versions of Immunization Shots to Save Lives doctors will often give to patients, here is a look at a small list of them.

The MMR or Measles, Mumps and Rubella Shot

This vaccine is specifically designed to prevent children from contracting the diseases measles, mumps and rubella. These diseases are severe, and when contracted by children can sometimes be life-threatening.

A single shot is given to a child to immunize them against all three diseases. This shot is given to a child at approximately 12 months. A second shot is typically administered when the child turns 6 years old.

The Hepatitis B Shot/Immunization

Hepatitis B is an extremely severe infection of the liver. It is often contracted by coming into contact with an individual who has been infected by the hepatitis B virus. While not deadly, the symptoms of the disease/illness can be severe and can lead to other chronic health problems that are life-threatening.

The hepatitis B immunization shot is administered to children. It is typically administered between the ages of six weeks or 6 months.

It is true doctors give immunization shots to save lives. Children and adults looking to receive immunization and vaccine shots can consider visiting the Midwest Express Clinic. The doctors and physicians assistants are trained to administer these types of shots.



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