Exceptional Landscaping in Norfolk Requires Hiring an Artist to Design the Landscape!

by | Jan 8, 2014 | Landscaping

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When you move into a new Norfolk home, what do you do? You paint, you carpet, you order new furniture if you can, you place your furnishings “just so” and in essence, you decorate it until it pleases your sense of aesthetics and feels like home. In short, you put your own stamp on it, the one that identifies it as “yours.”

Landscaping in Norfolk is the same art as interior decorating, it’s simply externalized to the lawn and garden. Upon moving to a new location, many people desire to put their stamp of originality on their landscape as well as inside of their home. This might involve ordering new plants, building a gazebo, setting the stone for a winding path through charmingly placed flower beds or perhaps installing a Koi pond, fountain or retaining wall. Most of these projects require help, and there is no better help available in the Norfolk area than Southern Roots of Virginia Landscaping & Lawn Care. Landscaping in Norfolk is not the same as landscaping in other areas of the country — the Tidewater area is a unique ecosystem in which successful gardening requires no small degree of specialized knowledge. Southern Roots of Virginia has over 55 years of experience in the creation and maintenance of beautiful outdoor landscapes in southeastern Virginia.

When contemplating new Landscaping in Norfolk, it’s important to recognize the attributes that the unadorned landscape has to offer, to be able to see its potential. The difference between the average homeowner and a professional landscaper is that the landscaper has a trained eye. He is able to look at the unimproved landscape and to see it as it could be, and to communicate to the homeowner in terms of color, ornamentation and cost, his options. He knows the cost of all the potential improvements and is able to work within the budget you set to give you the most beautiful landscape possible for the money you’re willing to spend.

Landscaping is a form of art and the landscaping professional is an artist. By hiring an artist to design and create your home’s landscape from scratch for you, you’re insuring your own pleasure in the results!

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