Expert Divorce Lawyers Near Saint Paul, MN

by | Apr 8, 2022 | Divorce Lawyer

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A divorce can feel lonely. After years of marriage, you may not know what it feels like to live alone. As this realization is approaching, you know you have to fight your soon-to-be-ex over assets such as the house and car. If you both have children, you have to work with your partner to determine the visitation schedule. When your kids have sporting events, school, and other items in their schedule, it can be hard to determine who will pick them up and on what days. It can also feel like the other person is not getting to see the children as much under a 50/50 visitation schedule. Divorce lawyers near Saint Paul, MN are experts in helping you to mediate these conversations.

How Much Do Lawyers Cost?

A divorce attorney may also be called a family attorney. Divorce attorneys have to handle family matters, family assets, and unresolved family issues in a divorce. They will advocate on your behalf to the opposing party. Experienced divorce lawyers near Saint Paul, MN do not all cost the same. You should ask what their fees are including their retainer fees, hourly rates, and filing fees. A divorce attorney can be expensive, but it is well worth it in the long run.

How Will They Help Me?

Divorce attorneys often know the presiding judge and the other divorce attorney. If you choose not to have legal representation, you may end up losing your assets. When two parties agree on everything, the judge can still overturn the agreement. A divorce attorney may be familiar with that particular judges’ ruling history, and can better advocate for you during this stressful time.

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