Explaining Different Types of Public Adjusters

In the insurance industry, there are three general types of insurance adjusters that handle insurance claims after any type of disaster or loss. There are some that equate these types of insurance adjusters to “the good, the bad, and the ugly;” however, there is a bit more to it than that.

Purchasing insurance is similar to purchasing a car. You will meet with the salesperson and begin to negotiate a deal. During this meeting, you will discuss the premiums and the coverage. When you file a claim, you will talk with the insurance adjuster who has the ultimate decision in whether or not the policy you purchased will cover the accident or injury that you suffer from.

There are three basic types of insurance adjusters which are explained here.

The first type of adjuster is one who is known quite well to the public and typically the ones who are seen in advertising and commercials with catchy phrases, such as “they’re on your side” or “a good neighbor.” These adjusters work and represent the insurance company. They are also referred to as the company adjusters and considered direct employees of the specific insurance company.

The second type of insurance adjuster is like the company adjuster with one small difference. They are essentially the “hired guns” for the insurance companies used to protect their interests. These individuals are known as the independent adjusters. They actually make their living on the success they have in ensuring that insurance companies pay out as little as possible on claims. The independent adjuster is hired by the insurance company and answers directly to them.

The interesting part about both the company adjuster and the independent adjuster who actually work for the insurance company is that they do not have to hold a license or pass any type of exam in order to provide their services.

The last type of insurance adjuster is the one who represents the victim’s interests. This is a public adjuster, and they are sometimes referred to as private adjusters. These individuals are licensed and bonded and have been tested to ensure they understand their role in protecting the rights of the injured party. They are required to pass some type of exam and meet a number of other standards that the other two types of adjusters do not have to. A public adjuster only represents the property owner and works to help and maximize the benefits they receive. When you need an insurance adjuster, it is important to find the right type of service.


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