Exploring The Benefits of Assisted Living in Powell, OH

Assisted living facilities are also commonly known as residential care, respite care or congregate housing. This is a type of facility for individuals who are able to do most of their daily tasks on their own with little assistance. The assistance comes in the form of cleaning, cooking, and taking medication. Did you know that in the United States there are roughly 1.2 million people living in roughly 30,000 different assisted living facilities? The purpose of Assisted Living in Powell, OH is to fill the gap between home care and nursing homes.

Another way to look at assisted living services is just to consider it a retirement community. It is just a retirement community with a nurse on staff as well as other staff members who help out the residents with their needs. When your parents or grandparents reach that age where they need an extra hand in order to get things done around the house, you want nothing more than to take them into your home and care for them. This is known as home care. Home care usually works for a while and it is also a lot of fun.

A few months into home care, you are going to start to feel exhausted. Taking care of your loved one, taking care of your family, taking care of your house, and working is exhausting. It also does not leave a lot of wiggle room for you to take care of yourself. This is a difficult situation to be in because most people do not want to ship their loved one off to a nursing home. This is where Assisted Living in Powell, OH comes into play. It is a happy medium for people who cannot take care of their loved one anymore that do not want to send their loved one to a nursing home.

Interestingly enough, it is not uncommon for someone in Assisted Living in Powell, OH to be more or less completely independent. The reason why they are living in an assisted living facility is simply for their own protection. Imagine your grandmother or mother living alone and they slip and fall in the bathtub. It could be days before someone finds them. When they live in an assisted living facility they can be independent and still get checked on to make sure they are alright every day.

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