Exterminatiors in Farminton Hills: When Wasps Attack

by | Mar 13, 2014 | Pest Control

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Wasps, just like bees, will attack you if they feel threatened. If you are stung enough, or if you are allergic to the venom, then you can very well die. The difference between a bee and a wasp, is that the wasp can sting over and over again, while the bee dies after the first sting. If you have spotted a few wasps on your property, then you probably have a wasp hive somewhere, and will want to call in the Exterminators in Farmington Hills right away.

While most wasps aren’t deadly, unless you run across a hive of Asian giant wasps, it is unsafe to go beating on their hives, or anywhere near where their hive is located. If they feel threatened, they will attack. You don’t want to swat at a wasp, or run away, as you are asking for the entire hive to attack. Instead, walk away calmly, and then call the Exterminators in Farmington Hills from Pest Masters Inc. to spray for you.

If you are in the pool and a wasp lands on you, it is probably just checking out a certain scent or color. If you can avoid swatting at it, you will probably not get stung. It will put out feelers, decide you are of no interest, and fly away. There are a few things that you can do to avoid the insects as well.

1. The colors white and yellow, attract wasps, so avoid wearing these colors when you are outside.
2. Never go outside barefooted. If you step on a wasp, it will try to sting you.
3. Cut down on the perfume, if you smell yummy and sweet, you run the risk of the wasp population hunting you down to see what you are.
4. Cover your garbage can and move flowers away from the house.
5. During the winter months, you will want to go out and knock down empty nests. This will discourage the wasps from coming back to the same nest in the spring.

If you can’t seem to avoid the wasps in your yard, even with the tips above, you are better off calling in the professionals, than dealing with the problem yourself. Visit website for more information.


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