Factors that Determine How Much You’ll Pay for Car Insurance in Mechanicsburg PA

You probably already know that shopping with Strock Insurance Agency can help you save money, but do you know that certain things can cause your monthly insurance bill to rise? To understand what makes your premiums go up, you should realize that safer drivers make money for the insurance companies, and accidents cost them money. Below, you will find six factors that can negatively influence the rate you pay.

Trading up to a New Model

Vehicles are considered assets, and a new car is a bigger asset than an older car. Replacement cost is higher, and if you’re making payments, you’ll have to get full coverage at a minimum level. Full coverage is unavoidable for new cars, but you can save by shopping smartly for your next vehicle.

Driving More

Your morning and evening commute don’t just cost you gas and time; they can also cost you more in auto insurance premiums. Driving during periods of high congestion means a higher accident risk, and if you drive a lot for work, you’ll pay more for the time you’re behind the wheel.


Insurance risk is partly determined by ZIP code, and city dwellers are historically more likely to e involved in an accident. If you’re moving to a state such as Florida or California, get ready to pay more. According to the IRC (Insurance Research Council) these states have a high percentage of uninsured drivers, who drive up premiums for everyone.

Age and Marital Status

If you don’t have kids and aren’t married, insurers consider you to be a greater risk than someone who’s married with children. If you’re under 26 and male, you’ll pay much more.

Dropping Your Coverage

Cutting your Insurance Mechanicsburg PA‘ may sound like a good way to cut costs, but it’s ill-advised. Lacking coverage, even for a short while, will cause your premiums to increase the next time you shop for coverage.

Tickets and Accidents

You may see a speeding ticket as a minor brush with the law, but keeping a clean driving record can greatly lower your premium. Most companies use the merit system, scanning your driving record for violations as a new or existing customer. If your insurer discovers that you’ve had a violation, your rates could stay up for a while. Insurance Mechanicsburg PA rates are based on some uncontrollable factors, but understanding those factors can help you to find the most cost-effective solution.

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