Facts About Root Canal Treatment in Honolulu

A Root Canal Treatment in Honolulu is perhaps one of the dental treatments that patients fear the most. The fear is most often due to horror stories or other untruths that they may have heard about the actual procedure. While some amount of pain may be felt during the treatment, you must keep in mind that a dentist can give some sedation if needed while the treatment is in progress. Here are some other basic facts about a root canal treatment.
When dental decay is neglected or possibly overlooked, the damage done is what will substantiate the need for this particular type of treatment. The decay will eventually make it’s way to the pulp of the tooth. This can cause some major problems. The inflamed pulp is replaced with a filling. This is done in an effort to save the tooth.

The Root Canal procedure is known as an Endodontic treatment in the dentistry field. It will involve cleaning and sterilizing the root of the tooth. This procedure will also involve removing the inflamed or infected tissue surrounding the tooth. If the dentist notices there is an ongoing infection, they will prescribe antibiotics to help ward that off. The dentist will administer a local anesthesia that will work to keep you comfortable during the procedure.

Once the inflamed pulp is removed, the dentist will clean the inside of the tooth will a file type instrument. Following that, the pulp chamber will be thoroughly cleaned and enlarged. The procedure could take quite some time. It is not uncommon to have multiple appointments to ensure that the treatment is completed. The amount of time the Root Canal Treatment in Honolulu will take will depend upon how many roots there are in the tooth that is being treated. Teeth with more than one root will take longer.

A successful root canal can last you for a very long time. After the procedure, it is important to avoid hard foods. You will also want to limit the amount of your sugar intake. The soda’s you drink can also have a negative impact on the treatment. Additional information about root canals can be obtained from A Bishop Street Dental Practice.

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