FAQs About Lower Back Treatment In West Fargo, ND

In North Dakota, patients visit their doctor once their back pain becomes severe. A doctor will refer them to a physical therapist after surgery and when a more holistic approach is beneficial. The following are common questions about Lower Back Treatment in West Fargo ND.

What are the Most Common Symptoms?

Patients may experience sudden and excruciating pain or a dull ache. They experience stiffness and numbness. The patient may experience prolonged discomfort that lasts all day or that emerges sporadically.

What are the Most Common Causes of Back Pain?

Repetitive motion, inappropriate lifting, and sitting or standing for extended periods lead to back pain. Slips or falls are also common reasons for back pain. Individuals that don’t increase exercise programs slowly could face sudden pain or discomfort.

What Steps Should Patients Take if They Experience Pain Suddenly?

The patient should exercise in moderation. They should avoid any exercises that intensify their back pain. Anti-inflammatory medicines such as Motrin or Advil reduce swelling and treat immediate pain. An ice pack can also reduce pain and swelling as well. The patient shouldn’t use an ice pack for longer than twenty minutes. By placing a pillow between their legs, they can reduce the strain on the lower back when sleeping.

When is a Doctor’s Visit Needed?

When the patient faces severe pain that causes mobility issues, they need to visit a doctor. The doctor performs tests such as an MRI to explore the source of the pain. If the source is a damaged disk, the patient may need surgery.

What Happens During Rehab and Physical Therapy?

To correct conditions that lead to severe back pain, the therapist creates a care plan for the patient. These care plans involve chiropractic care such as massage and compression therapy. The patient participates in low-impact exercises to increase mobility and reduce pain and discomfort.

In North Dakota, lower back pain leads to mobility issues and severe pain. The condition makes it difficult for the patient to rest and exercise without serious pain. Patients who need Lower Back Treatment in West Fargo ND visit for more info now.

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