Faucets: Kitchen Essentials

by | May 9, 2014 | Plumbing

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Many think of refrigerators, dishwashers and ranges as kitchen essentials. The truth of the matter is that one of the most necessary items in any kitchen is the faucet. Talk to any plumbing service in Nassau County and they will tell you how important this piece of kitchen equipment really is. They are highly used and in demand every day of the week. You may pass on using the fridge or stove because you do take-out, but you will never ignore the sink with its faucets for a single day.

How to Pick a Faucet

Faucets come in all styles, types and designs these days. They may be pleasing to the eye while still performing a utilitarian service. They also come in various finishes including:

  • Bronze

  • Chrome

  • Gold

  • Nickel

  • Platinum

These materials allow you to mix and match in your new kitchen. Whether renovating or as part of a new home, consulting a good plumbing service is one step in the right direction. An experienced plumber will be able to help you decide what is truly practical in your home. After all, picking the right faucet for your kitchen is more than aesthetics. It is about what will work. It is about understanding the basic types of faucets available.

Faucet Types

Faucet comes in different types. Some are standard and have been for years. Others represent the latest technology. Among the types you may run across are these ones:

  • Ball faucets: These faucets are extremely common and were the first to not have a washer.

  • Ceramic disc faucets: These are a direct contrast to ball faucets. They represent the latest in faucet technology.

  • Cartridge: Cartridge faucets come in two types: Single handle cartridge faucets and double handle cartridge faucets

  • Compression washer faucets: These are among the oldest types. They do have washers and are usually present in older homes. They have separate taps. Though less expensive than other types of faucets, they are more prone to leaks and, as a result, you may have to consult a plumbing service more frequently

When it comes to your kitchen, faucets are an important aspect you should not neglect. Consult a plumbing service in Nassau County to ensure the right choice is being made. Be sure, you are aware of the different types of faucets and the potential for plumbing errors. If you are prepared, you are more likely to choose the right type of equipment and cut down on the need to consult a plumbing service on a regular basis.

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