Favorite Toyota Cars

Toyota vehicles are more reliable than American vehicles. Following is a list of famous Toyota models in United States.

Toyota Celica
People of a certain age will all remember the Toyota Celica. It was the car to have and many people loved its sleek lines and modernistic look. It was a car that you wanted in high school. It was a racy car that the average guy, or girl, could own and drive proudly and quickly. It was the sports car that turned heads without emptying wallets.

Toyota Corolla
Many people might not be aware that the humble Corolla is the number one selling car of all time worldwide. It has been around since 1966. Since 1966 Toyota has sold over 35 million of this tried and true vehicle in just about every country on the planet.

Toyota Crown Royal Saloon
This was the luxury car people wanted although it didn’t quite look like one. It had everything you wanted in a luxury car like air conditioning. It was a smooth ride and a gas guzzler but people still loved it.

Toyota Tundra
This is a truck that can compete with American Ford 150. It can tow just about anything, looks smart and has Engine World Toyota engines that won’t quit. Its name matches its power and what it was designed for: the rugged life. However, it is often found in the driveways of the suburban home and will sadly never get the chance to do what it was built to do.

Toyota Land Cruiser
It is sporty and fun and is designed for the most rugged terrain in the world. However it is still the little SUV found zipping around towns and cities around the world despite its actual purpose thanks to its ample room to store stuff from a band’s equipment to camping gear.

Demand of Used Toyota Engines is rising for abovementioned Toyota models. The only feasible option is to buy low mileage Toyota engines imported from Japan.

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