Fehrer Rubbish Removal: Garbage Removal Rochester NY

The city of Rochester, NY provides for pick-up of residential refuse once per week on a designated day. This program provides for pick-up of general household waste and recycling items. If excessive garbage or special circumstances require additional garbage removal Rochester NY you will need to contact a private garbage removal service.

Fehrer Rubbish Removal

If you are looking for either residential, industrial or commercial waste pick-up you will need to call a company which specializes in garbage removal Rochester NY. The company to call is Fehrer Rubbish Removal. They have been in business in the Rochester area for over 50 years.

Commercial Services

Commercial services are available from Fehrer Rubbish Removal seven days a week and can be specially tailored to your budget. They provide containers from one to ten yards with special compaction equipment available as well.

Industrial Services

Fehrer provides Garbage Removal Rochester NY by offering open top, closed top, compactible and roll off containers suitable for construction site use. These larger containers hold from 10 to 40 yards of industrial site waste. 100 yard walking floor containers are also available for even larger job sites.


Fehrer’s sales people are available to meet with you to discuss your companies recycling needs. They are educated in local recycling codes and laws. Recycling containers are offered for each product to be recycled. They are clearly marked to make appropriate disposal easy for you and your employees.

Paper Shredding

Whether your needs are for your residence or commercial operation, Fehrer can provide confidential and secure paper shredding services. They ensure proper chain of command procedures of sensitive documents from pick-up to shredding facility. All shredding vehicles meet USDOT regulations for required security. This means all cargo areas and cab areas are always securely locked.

Fehrer also offers on-site shredding and encourages client witnesses for both on-site and off-site shredding. If you prefer, Fehrer can provide on-site locking bins or customized shredding cabinets built to your specifications.

If your current municipal Garbage Removal Rochester NY is not sufficient to meet your needs, call Fehrer Rubbish Removal and see what they can do for you.

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