Fight Asthma With Physical Therapy

by | Nov 15, 2011 | Health Care

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Is your child is suffering from asthma? Can’t he even go to the toilet without an inhaler? You have tried all medications, but none of them gave him permanent relief, right? When you have tried and are trying different treatments to fight asthma, why don’t you try chiropractic treatments for once?

Though there are many people who think that chiropractic and physical therapies are not proper treatments for asthma, there are positive responses as well. Do you know – according to a research it is found that there is a link between our spinal column, nervous system, and our respiratory system? This is considered as one of the main reasons for how chiropractic treatment can cure asthma.

More evidence supporting effectiveness of physical therapy for treating asthma!

According to research published in the Journal of Vertebral Subluxation Research: Out of 81 children suffering from asthma who got chiropractic treatments (for two months)– 45% children have experienced decreased attacks and 31% opted for decrease in their medication.

You will be surprised to know that – the number of people affected by asthma are increasing at an alarming rate. Different people have different opinions about the causes for asthma. Most of the times, people blame it on combination of factors like – increase of pollutants in air, super-insulated houses that trap chemicals, and cesarean births. So, if these are the only reasons for increase in the number of asthma patients, why not all children residing in the same home and inhaling the same air, suffer from asthma? The answer to this question is quite simple – it is your genetical make-up and resistance power to fight diseases. You must be wondering that even if it is your genetical make-up and resistance to tolerate the environmental factors that make you susceptible to diseases – how it is connected to chiropractic treatments?

Here goes the answer to your question –

When it comes to breathing – the primary muscle involved is your diaphragm. Nerves controlling your respiration leave your brain cells and exit your spine in your mid neck. Any kind of spinal problem in your mid neck can affect your nerve supply to your diaphragm. In such a situation, reducing spinal subluxations may restore proper lung functioning. One of the best ways to treat spinal subluxations is – chiropractic care.

So, now when you have enough information about how asthma can be treated with proper chiropractic and physical therapies, Columbia, MD has some of the best chiropractic clinics in the region. So, fix an appointment with a good physical therapist and take your child as soon as possible.

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