Fighting A Criminal Charge With A Criminal Law Attorney In Florence, KY

A Criminal Law Attorney in Florence, KY provides assistance when you are facing criminal charges. These attorneys present you with advice based on laws that apply to your case. They device strategies based on your rights to determine whether the odds are in your favor. These attorneys may negotiate with the prosecution to acquire a reduced sentence when possible. To discuss criminal proceedings with an attorney contact the Law Offices of David M. Blank today.

Criminal Cases and Prosecution

In order for you to be arrested for a criminal infraction, law enforcement must witness these crimes or gather evidence that supports a claim against you. Through investigation, detectives construct a criminal case to determine the identity of the perpetrator. However, in some cases this evidence is clearly circumstantial and does not provide a direct link between the crime and the accused. It simply present probable cause. To fight circumstantial cases, your attorney must introduce reasonable doubt.

Local Criminal Defense

The Law Offices of David M. Blank can provide you with effective criminal defense services. These attorneys are aware of local laws that may apply your case. For instance, if you are a first-time offender these attorneys may present you with the opportunity to receive a reduced sentence or probation based on the crime for which you are accused. They can arrange bail for you and discuss these matters fully with you to determine the most effective option for constructing a criminal defense case. To hire an attorney through the law offices of david m. Blank, call them locally.


Your Criminal Law Attorney in Florence, KY prepares a strong defense for you based on the crimes for which you are accused. The attorney reviews local laws that apply to your case to present you with updated information related to probable sentencing and evidence that is presented against you. Your attorney gathers evidence to support your claim of innocence and provides you with diligent legal representation. To discover more about local criminal laws and how they may affect your case, contact the law offices of david m. Blank.

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