Filing a Lawsuit with an Automobile Accident Attorney in Oro Vall

Apr 01, 14 Filing a Lawsuit with an Automobile Accident Attorney in Oro Vall

If you have been involved in any type of automobile accident, this is certain to cost you a great deal of money and may cause serious injuries. It is important to take the time to file legal action to assist you in being able to recover some of your losses. This can be accomplished by choosing an automobile accident attorney in Oro Valley.

What the Plaintiff does

It is important for the injured party, also referred to as the plaintiff, to file the lawsuit against the person causing the injury. This will work to recover many of the losses which occurred during the accident if the case is won.

The plaintiff should meet with the automobile accident in Oro Valley and discuss the details of the accident. This will assist in with listing the charges to be filed against the defendant. The attorney will list the laws broken by the defendant and enter this into the court.

The Defendant’s Response

It is legally required for the defendant to respond to the lawsuit within 30 days. The response should address each of the charges that were made against the defendant and work to admit or deny these.

The Discovery Stage

Learning the details of the case are critical to decide who should win or lose the lawsuit. There are many parts to the discovery stage and it is the job of either party that is disputing in the legal action to respond thoroughly and concisely.

The Mediation

It is possible to settle a case at mediation by the plaintiff and the defendant. This is court ordered because of the courts being overcrowded and preferring the disputing parties to work toward settling the issue on between themselves.

There will be a mediator that will attend the mediation and is a neutral party that simply goes between the plaintiff and defendant to work to get the case settled.
Finally, if the case is not settled, it will proceed to court and will be tried by a jury of twelve people or a judge in some instances. Consider visiting  for the provision of legal assistance.

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