Find Useful Sand in Hartford, CT

Transforming outside yards, whether in the front or back, into secluded paradises can seem quite daunting. This article seeks to lend a guiding light into this journey of landscaping. Instead of simply using all synthetic materials, try organic, natural ones like sand, crushed stone, and gravel. Add to the richness of the grass and plants in the backyard or front yard by using finely selected mulch to nourish all greenery outside the home. The content of this article is useful for those with homes or those who tend golf courses, swimming pools, and pipes.

With all that greenery, one needs some sand to structure pipes and drains. Golf courses need various materials to structure the sand bunkers. Athletic fields also use some types of sand to better increase purchase when running. Before looking for sand in Hartford, CT, it is helpful to understand the uses of each type. There are various types of sand including concrete, mason, and pool.

Concrete sand can be used as a base between a concrete slab and vapor barrier, or as traction sand on roads and sidewalks. In some cases, this sand type can be added to topsoil and mulch when planting on a lawn. Concrete sand is usually made of trap rock, limestone, or granite that has been crushed and washed through a screen to rid all large particulates. Mason sand is created in much the same way but is made of granite, limestone, and trap rock. However, it is crushed much finer than concrete sand and washed through screens to ensure uniformity. Most often, mason sand is used in swimming pools and concrete paved stones. In some cases, this sand can be used in sand volleyball courts instead of beach sand. Pool sand is the finest of the three types and is used for pool filters or aquariums.

After deciding which sand type is needed, find a company that sells sand in Hartford, CT. One such company is Dunning Sand and Gravel, which was created in 1917 under the original name of Atlas Sand, Gravel and Stone Co. The most respectable aspect of this company is its shift from obtaining its products from wasteful mining to obtaining products from only recycled content. Check out this green company for all sand and landscaping needs.

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