Finding a Good Cesspool Service

Essentially a cesspool—or cesspit—is a type of tank used for the conservancy of disposed of human waste, including refuse and sewage. A cesspool is a covered cistern which stores the sewage and is an alternative to being attached to the city sewage system. Many properties in remote or rural places do not have the advantage of having underground city pipework to redirect their sewage to the treatment centers and city plants. As another option for sewage treatment and storage they use cesspits and holding tanks. In the United States the cesspit is a rudimentary system made up of a septic tank which also consists of a concrete pit which hold the waste products from the home. The pit is like with masonry units with perforations to help with the drain field. Most cesspits will have clean out pipes which extend above the ground but others are constructed using concrete walls.

First introduced into Europe around the sixteenth century during the times when urban areas were growing rapidly. Initially there was very poor sanitation in cities and towns and the stench of refuse, sewage and garbage was unbearable. People would tip their chamber pots into the streets—and woe betide anyone stood under it—and crowd the ever dirty streets with more sewage and waste. Because there was no regulation of waste disposal in those days and no sanitation laws people were left pretty much to their own devices.

Cesspool Services

A good cesspool service in Suffolk County, Long Island is probably a much needed services because most of the homes on Long Island still have cesspits for their waste disposal. Because of the chronic collapse of older cesspools in the Suffolk County area, there have been measures taken to decommission many of them and replace older working pits with new ones. The new cesspools are made from cast concrete which is more stable and secure than the older versions. Good services are important in Suffolk County, both for the maintenance and upkeep of a cesspool and to prolong its life. Keeping them in clean condition and regularly maintaining your own cesspool will prevent clogs and blockages and prevent long term issues, as well as save you money in the long run.

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