Finding an Injury Lawyer in Indianapolis

It can be nerving wracking, not to mention just plain stressful, to dive right into hiring a lawyer. But if you have been hurt on the job or at a place of business, you need to be reimbursed. A lawyer is your best shot at getting the money you deserve. Although it may be tempting to represent yourself to save the cost of attorney fees, all you are doing is giving the lawyers on the other side an easier time. Getting a lawyer means having someone on your side who knows what they are doing and will get the job done.


There are a lot of lawyers on television commercials who like to yell at you about how much money they will get you, but can you imagine those personalities in the court room? Just because they are on television does not mean they are the right choice for you. Do yourself a favor and look for the smaller firms in your area online. You can find independent reviews and how many cases they have won versus the number they have lost.

Cost and Fees

The best thing about most lawyers, and especially a personal injury lawyer in Indianapolis, is they do not expect payment until after they have won your case. Still, some people worry their will take too big a chunk out of the money they need to pay medical bills and support their family. However, as far as the court is concerned, paying for a lawyer is a part of your pain and suffering costs. With a little clever court work, everyone can walk away happy.


A consultation is the easiest way to narrow down your choice of and learn a little more about what to expect in court. Bring in all your records pertaining to the cases. The lawyer will go through it all with you and tell you your chances of winning the lawsuit. Most consultations are either free or inexpensive. There is absolutely no obligation to retain a lawyer just because they gave you a consultation.

Going to Court

The most important thing to do when going to court is trust your lawyer. Do not jump up and interrupt the proceedings like you are in a court drama on television. Let your lawyer handle lies by countering with evidence and keep yourself out of contempt.

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