Finding the Best Diamond Jewelry in Tampa FL

by | May 18, 2015 | Jewelry

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For those looking to purchase fine diamond jewelry for your own jewelry setting, an engagement ring or other fine piece, selecting the perfect diamond can be a mix of both science and aesthetics. For those in the Tampa FL area finding the right diamond can be somewhat easier as many stores have thousands of loose diamonds in stock for you to choose from. But how do you know which stone is the best?

Size and Clarity of the Stone

Bigger is not always better, and clear stones are not always diamonds. Many less than honest sellers may claim to have the biggest and clearest diamonds, but could in fact be passing off quartz or cubic zirconia. Be sure to only purchase diamonds from reputable sources who have dedicated their time and energy into honestly offering a large selection of pure diamonds. In general, the clearer the stone, the more valuable it is. However diamond clarity can also depend on how it’s cut. More facets provide more sparkle, but might also make an otherwise clear stone look clouded to the untrained or non-magnified viewer.

The Various Types of Cuts

Diamonds can be cut in many ways. The most common and popular are the round cut, princess cut, and cushion cut. Additional cuts can be pear, heart and emerald. Each unique cut has a different way of presenting the sparkle and shine of the stone. If you want the most eye-catching stone most people agree the traditional round cut will provide it. With the multiple facets all around the display area of the diamond, the sun or artificial lighting will reflect off of it in a rainbow of elegant colors. For an engagement ring, the round cut is a very popular choice.

Deciding on a Price for the Stone

Prices on diamonds can be both subjective and variable. To some, diamonds with slight color tints may be more valuable than clear diamonds, while for others the canary or rose colored diamonds may be undesirable. There is no universal pricing for diamonds, aside from the raw uncut pricing determined by the mines, but even this can vary depending on local labor costs and drilling expenses. A general rule of thumb for engagement rings is that it should cost the same as 3-months of your salary. While some people hold true to this suggestion, others find it to be inaccurate. It all depends on the individual situation of the ring buyer but it may still be something to keep in mind.

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