Flea Removal in Connecticut: How To Eliminate The Problem

If you have never had a problem with fleas in the past, in addition to knowing the proper methods for Flea Removal in Connecticut it helps to know how to spot a problem with fleas in the first place. One of the first signs that your pet has a flea problem is the fact that they are scratching themselves excessively.  They are also going to lose patches of their hair, develop scabs, and develop hot spots on their body. The worst part is that fleas do not just stay on your pet. They can get in your house, in your yard, and even on you. Having a flea infestation is a problem that should be taken very seriously.

Start By Treating Your Pets
You need to start by giving your pet a good bath. You need to use a citrus based dish washing soap or a gentle shampoo. Commercial flea dip can also be used. Fortunately, fleas are not creatures that grasp onto your pets hair. This means a lot of them will just fall into the water and then drown. You should also use the proper oral and topical medications for flea treatments. Lastly, you need to wash all of your pet’s wedding and anything they may have come in contact with. You may want to invest in a flea collar for your dog as well

Treat Yourself, Your Home, And Your Yard
Getting the proper and safe flea removal treatments for your home, yard, and self is the next step in the process. It is going to do you no good to get the fleas off of your dog if they will just get them again. Cleaning and properly treating your home is the key to getting rid of those pesky critters.

Even with all of your best efforts, it is not always possible to get rid of fleas on your own. This is why companies such as Triple AAA American Exterminators exist. They are fully equipped to handle Flea Removal in Connecticut so you do not have to. They have all of the proper tools and treatments to get those critters out of your home and off of your pets.

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